INtime® for Windows Enables RSI’s RMP EtherCAT Motion Control Platform

Robotic Systems Integration (RSI) is a dynamic company that provides PC based EtherCAT motion controller (RMP) to the industrial automation and robotics industries through their unique software tools, API, and integration services.  RSI’s previous motion system products were limited by an inflexible architecture using an analog motion controller and a large number of cables, making it very difficult to customize.  The company wanted to replace the analog motion controller with a digital software platform that was easy to program and maintain using a well-supported development environment.

TenAsys’ INtime® for Windows runs alongside Windows and is able to meet the timing demands of high-performing multi-axis motion control by explicit hardware partitioning of the underlying processor architecture to give real-time processes direct control over their own CPU core(s).  RSI estimates that a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor can support up to 64 motion axes operating simultaneously with a loop time of 250 microseconds.  RSI’s technology illustrates how multi-core PC architecture can host a very powerful multi-function motion system.

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