UEI and TenAsys’ Partnership for Flexible Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Testing

UEI (www.ueidaq.com) is a leader in the Ethernet data acquisition and control systems, Data Logger/Recorder, Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) and Modbus TCP for Aerospace, Simulation and Industrial Control markets.  The revolutionary PowerDNA/DNR in a “Cube” or “DNR” form factor provides a platform that can also a compact, rugged that is ideal for applications in the automotive, aerospace, petroleum/refining, simulation, semiconductor manufacturing, medical, HVAC, and power generation fields – and more.

It is obvious that INtime® based HIL system can use individual I/O card types to the Electronic Unit under test.  However, using UEI Power DNA for I/O gives the designer some unique advantages.  It is comprised of a base card which runs an RTOS and connects on its one end via Ethernet to the Host (two connections possible), and on its other end, it can be connected to 6 Interface cards – each implements a specific protocol.  The interfaces are routed through a 37-pin female D-Type connector on the card.

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