koenig-pa GmbH is focused on software products and complex solutions for system integrators, OEM developers and industrial automation experts. Company has been operating in this sector since 1986.

koenig-pa GmbH is an expert in EtherCAT and process automation systems. We have comprehensive knowledge in such fields as operating various systems, including INtime, industrial Fieldbus system networks (EtherCAT, CAN, PROFIBUS, Ethernet) and components. koenig-pa GmbH uses the most up-to-date components (8/16/32 Bit Microcontroller (Atmel, Siemens, Intel, Freescale), DSP (Texas Instruments, Analog Devices), FPGA (Xilinx, Altera).

koenig-pa Contact Info:

koenig-pa GmbH
Im Talesgrund 9a
91207 Lauf a.d. Pegnitz, Germany


Phone: +49 9128 725 330
Fax: +49 9128 725 407