Efficient Innovation. Reliable Performance.

TenAsys® delivers unprecedented flexibility, superior productivity, and extraordinary cost-efficiency for deterministic solutions.

The Future of Real-Time

Time-sensitive networking and computing. Legacy IP and rapid innovation. Linux* and Windows*. TenAsys® brings it all together.

Transform Your Business

Workload consolidation and converged infrastructure enablement that scales your IP for digital transformation.

The Deterministic Platform for Innovators

Start innovating day one with the INtime® RTOS. Its Visual Studio* environment, popular API and library support, and easy set-up lets you focus on what matters.

INtime® works with Linux, Windows, and other GPOS, expanding the possibilities for workload consolidation and IP reuse. Seamlessly integrate edge and cloud with real-time networking.

Ready to run on off-the-shelf industrial PCs, INtime provides access to an extensive partner ecosystem. Proven determinism and precision debug and analysis tools, all in a user-friendly SDK.

INtime reduces NRE costs associated with open-source and custom software, while our customer-friendly licensing enables innovation that scales.

Enabling the Intelligent Edge, One Workload at a Time.

With deep experience in industrial automation, robotics, medical electronics, defense, and more, TenAsys can help you deploy leading-edge capabilities in critical applications.

Motion Control

From servo motors to high-speed sorting, INtime delivers the hard real-time performance you need. Deterministic and non-critical workloads, all on the same platform.

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Industrial Networking

Built-in Time-Sensitive Networking support accelerates development of real-time communications. Sercos III*, EtherCAT*, or OPC UA*, we have you covered.

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Keep pace with evolving I/O and processing needs while protecting IP investments. INtime maximizes portability and streamlines hardware upgrades.

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An Ecosystem that Accelerates Time-to-Market

Along with our broad ecosystem of partners, we offer ready-to-use components that streamline your development process.

Our Global Network

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With a distributor network that spans the globe, TenAsys® has local support to help you launch your next design.

A Winning Team

TenAsys® is breaking new ground in the industry organizations that are driving the future of connected intelligence.