Time-Sensitive Networking

TenAsys® delivers transparency and determinism in IT/OT networks.

Unify and transform your infrastructure. Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) brings the real-time determinism of fieldbus networks into enterprise-friendly Ethernet technology.TenAsys® streamlines edge-to-cloud communications over TSN, accelerating the velocity of data and decision making. Our INtime® RTOS is ready to deploy TSN on off-the-shelf industrial PCs, eliminating the need for vendor-specific solutions.

Realize the Efficiencies of TSN Transparency

Extract value from data already on your network.

INtime® is the market’s leading TSN RTOS, supporting the IEEE* 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and Intel* Time Coordinated Computing (Intel TCC). With a distributed version that runs on multiple physical or virtual hosts, the INtime RTOS guarantees rigid determinism across TSN-enabled automation, automotive, and other time-critical infrastructure.

Now it’s easier than ever to access the benefits of TSN:

Actionable Intelligence

Drive data transparency and business value by connecting OT endpoints and enterprise systems over TSN. Manage it all with INtime®.

Limitless Scalability

The INtime Distributed RTOS brings cooperative data processing and controlled execution across multiple hosts in expanding TSN deployments.

Total Cost of Ownership

Unified edge-to-enterprise networks reduce infrastructure BOMs and management overhead. With TSN and INtime, it’s on time, every time.

Obsolescence Management

A vibrant TSN ecosystem and TenAsys®’ partner network guard against single-source risks like price gouging, forced migration, and product EOLs.

Complex TSN Networks, Simplified

INtime® delivers a full TSN stack with a streamlined deployment model.

INtime® integrates the IEEE* 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) stack so developers can synchronize and manage TSN nodes with ease. With support for EtherCAT*, Sercos* III, Profinet*, OPC-UA*, and more, INtime is the definitive timekeeper for converged networks.

Microsecond-level precision and minimal jitter are foundations of the event-driven INtime RTOS. INtime builds determinism from inside-out, partitioning host resources to guarantee the on-time execution of critical tasks.

The INtime Distributed RTOS manages time-aware infrastructure by partitioning applications into RTOS environments on multiple nodes. Asymmetric multiprocessing and precise interprocess communications ensure deterministic yet dynamic control in scalable TSN deployments.

Case Studies and Solution Examples

Discover how our partners and customers are leveraging the power of INtime.

TSN Mass Adoption

Abstracting Configuration Complexity of Time-Sensitive Networking to Accelerate Mass Adoption

This white paper considers ways to abstract the complexity of TSN applications and endpoints through a single pane of glass—the TenAsys® TSN RTOS, INtime®.


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Consolidating Real-Time Workloads over TSN

TSN makes Ethernet deterministic. It also drives enterprise/IT technology into the operational edge. Now with TSN and virtualization, developers can consolidate multiple industrial workloads onto one system.

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Connected Cables

TSEP, TenAsys®, and the LXI* Consortium Synchronize Test & Measurement Standards.

The LXI* Consortium developed a high-precision Ethernet interface that leverages technology from TenAsys® and Technical Software Engineering Plazotta (TSEP).

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Tools and Components to Streamline Consolidation

Our broad ecosystem of partners offers solutions to accelerate your development process.

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