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TenAsys® enables deterministic workload consolidation and converged infrastructure deployments—all at new levels of flexibility, productivity, and efficiency. We help customers combine next-gen tech and legacy IP to innovate at scale and unlock digital transformation.

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For more than 40 years, TenAsys® solutions have proven themselves in industrial control and automation, robotics, medical electronics, test and measurement, aerospace and defense, and other demanding applications. We leverage this experience in a consultative approach that guides technology-driven organizations from early-stage technical discovery through the development of long-lifecycle solutions and product roadmaps.

At TenAsys, we prioritize ease of use and productivity in everything we do. That’s why our INtime® portfolio targets off-the-shelf PC platforms and integrates with familiar tools like Microsoft* Visual Studio*, speeding development and mitigating the need for the expensive experts who are required for open-source and custom environments.

TenAsys solutions are strengthened by close relationships forged with other industry leaders. We integrate with best-in-class technologies from Intel*, AMD*, Microsoft, VMware*, Real-Time Systems*, and other cutting-edge hardware and software suppliers.

Along with our broad ecosystem, we offer ready-to-use solutions to streamline your development process, significantly reducing effort and investment. Developers can leverage the design knowledge from our partnerships to optimize and accelerate their designs.

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INtime® is a deterministic RTOS that can run on off-the-shelf industrial PCs with minimal setup, working alongside general-purpose OSs like Windows* and Linux*. Support for popular hypervisors and inclusion of real-time networking features means that applications as diverse as motion control, enterprise software, and HMI can all run on a single, consolidated system.

TenAsys® streamlines the integration of operational and enterprise technology, giving users a jumpstart on transformational capabilities like edge analytics and AI. Our INtime platform facilitates deterministic control as well as edge-to-cloud connectivity, revealing critical data for immediate action. And it provides future-ready scalability, from a single product to an entire converged infrastructure.

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TenAsys® is breaking ground in industry organizations that are driving the future of connected intelligence.

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