IT/OT Convergence

TenAsys® bridges the best of both worlds to enable digital transformation.

Digital transformation starts with converged infrastructure. When operational technology (OT) joins IT networks, businesses gain unprecedented intelligence and control.

TenAsys® fuses deterministic performance and real-time networking with full-featured enterprise systems. Our INtime® OS delivers virtualization, networking, and determinism to streamline IT/OT convergence, facilitating innovation that sets you apart from your competitors.

Modernizing Operational Technology

TenAsys® lowers the boundaries between IT and OT infrastructure.

INtime® pairs built-in determinism and real-time networking with support for enterprise-class technologies like Ethernet, Windows*, and Linux*. It accelerates deployment of OT workloads on IT-friendly platforms and connects operations to business intelligence systems.

Now businesses of all sizes can readily access the benefits of IT/OT convergence:

Seamless Integration

INtime® maintains hard real-time performance while running on the same platform as OSs like Linux* and Windows*, making comprehensive features available to OT processes and increasing the determinism of enterprise workloads.

Agility and Flexibility

INtime provides an IT-friendly platform that encourages innovation, enabling businesses to improve the manageability and orchestration of their entire infrastructure.

Business Intelligence

Optimize your organization by making OT processes visible to enterprise systems. INtime’s real-time networking features liberate edge data and streamline enterprise decision-making.


Data transparency afforded by connected infrastructure prepares organizations for AI automation. INtime equips the networking and control functionality to streamline automation frameworks.

Modernizing OT

With broad support for industry standards, INtime® enables faster, more flexible development.

INtime® streamlines IT/OT convergence, giving businesses a jumpstart on system and data transparency that improves agility, enhances efficiency, and creates new revenue streams.

INtime uses technology developers already know. It works alongside Linux and Windows, integrates with popular tools, and supports popular programming languages, APIs, and libraries.

INtime supports a wide selection of PC platforms and virtualized environments, giving developers a rare level of agility. Built for portability, INtime can readily scale with your application needs.

Case Studies and Solution Examples

Discover how our partners and customers are leveraging the power of INtime®.

Motion Control Platform Leverages Enterprise Technology with TenAsys® INtime®

When Robotic Systems Integration* (RSI) wanted to migrate analog servo controls into its digital robotics platform, it turned to INtime*. The result was a less-complex yet more-capable platform.

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IT/OT Converge at the Gas Pump with INtime®

Allied Electronics* used INtime® to bring cloud services, payment processing, and fraud management onto the industrial PC that manages pump operations. The result was a more capable system with lower TCO.

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RSI* and TenAsys® lay foundation for converged motion control infrastructure.

The RSI* EtherCAT* motion controller, RMP, runs on PC hardware and utilizes flexible APIs. TenAsys® INtime® for Windows manages low-latency EtherCAT communications between endpoints to enable IT-centric control system development.

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