IP Reuse

TenAsys® powers next-gen systems with field-proven technology.

Bring legacy technology into the modern era. Embedded virtualization preserves existing IP while unleashing innovation.

TenAsys® simplifies IP migration. Our INtime® RTOS was built for portability from the start, enabling developers to retain legacy code untouched while seamlessly adding new features.

Don’t Reinvent Proven IP

Maximize technology investments and focus on added value with TenAsys®.

Built-in virtualization features of the INtime® RTOS partition underlying hardware into multiple operating environments, allowing new software and legacy applications and IP to run side-by-side on the same platform. Ready to run on standard industrial PCs, INtime can work alongside Linux* and Windows*, and integrates into popular development environments—providing a painless path to IP migration.

Now you can preserve legacy IP investments and focus engineering resources on new features:

Engineer Efficiently

Seamlessly port legacy IP using INtime® embedded virtualization, migration libraries, and familiar APIs. Reallocate software migration hours to the development of new value-added features and services.

Design Agnostically

INtime works with Windows*, Linux* and other GPOS so when software architectures change, your IP can migrate with it. Support for popular hypervisors expands IP reuse options.

Cutting-Edge Capabilities

Get the features developers expect from a state-of-the-art OS optimized for the latest x86 processor technology, along with an ecosystem of advanced partner solutions.

Flexible Scalability

INtime embedded virtualization can scale IP across multiple cores, multiple hosts, and multiple nodes. It supports applications from motion control to time-sensitive networking, delivering a complete solution for real-time requirements.

IP Reuse Without Compromise

INtime® combines streamlined migration with cutting-edge capabilities.

Migration libraries, compatibility with popular APIs, and ready-to-use partner solutions all accelerate deployment. Integration with Microsoft* Visual Studio* makes these tools accessible in a familiar development environment.
INtime® supports a wide mix of hardware, OSs, and hypervisors, allowing IP reuse generation over generation. Built for portability and backwards compatibility, INtime does not require rebuilding or reconfiguring for new platforms.

INtime uses asymmetric multiprocessing and embedded virtualization to cleanly partition legacy IP and new capabilities, ensuring reliable operation and precision control, even across multiple systems.

Case Studies and Solution Examples

Discover how our partners and customers are leveraging the power of INtime®.

Blood Samples

INtime® Software Preserves Abbott Laboratories* Intellectual Property While Adding New Features to its PRISM* Blood Screening Analyzers

Moving to a new PC platform gives Abbott* access to more cost-effective hardware and up-to-date interfaces for communication and I/O while protecting existing investments.

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Workers at CNC

ISAC* Bases New Software CNC on INtime® RTOS

With TenAsys®’ INtime® for Windows* at the base of its software architecture, ISAC’s Costantino CNC software suite allows proven, current-gen control algorithms to thrive in next-gen systems.

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Woman Presenting

ISAC* and TenAsys® Promote Legacy Software Reuse in Next-generation Control Systems.

ISAC*’s Constantino CNC software is one of the fastest motion control solutions available. It pairs with the hard-real-time INtime® RTOS to run proven motion control technology on standard PC hardware. 

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