INtime®: The Deterministic Platform for Innovators

Discover the future of real-time computing.

Time-sensitive networking and microsecond determinism. Legacy IP and data intelligence. Windows*, Linux*, and RTOS. INtime® brings it all together.

INtime is an event-driven RTOS designed specifically for multi-core x86 platforms. It can run on standard PC platforms with minimal setup, working alongside general-purpose OSs like Windows and Linux. Support for popular hypervisors, minimal jitter, and tight interprocess communications means applications as diverse as motion control, enterprise software, and HMI can all run on a single, consolidated system.

The RTOS for Tomorrow

INtime® combines advanced features with a developer-friendly environment.

Perfected over 35 years, the INtime® RTOS family integrates features for every time-critical and precision control use case. Developed around an asymmetric multi-processing architecture and object-based programming model, the INtime portfolio has evolved capabilities like embedded virtualization and real-time networking that bridge the hard real-time requirements of OT deployments with the data analysis needs of the enterprise. And all of it can be managed with an SDK that’s accessible in familiar environments like Microsoft* Visual Studio.

Discover how you can benefit from a full-featured OS designed to scale with the future of computing:

Reliable Performance

INtime is a fully pre-emptive, event-driven OS that delivers high-performance determinism. Built on an asymmetric multi-processing architecture, each instance of INtime is allocated dedicated resources, ensuring microsecond-precise timing.

Seamless Integration

INtime works alongside Windows, Linux, and other GPOSs, and supports popular hypervisors. Native embedded virtualization enables the consolidation of many workloads on a single platform or distributed environments where an application runs on multiple nodes.

Out-of-the-Box Productivity

Designed to run on off-the-shelf PC platforms, INtime eliminates the non-recurring engineering associated with open-source and custom environments. Rich services for real-time networking, low-latency I/O, and compatibility with ready-to-use partner solutions accelerate development.

Best-in-Class Tools

INtime integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio, and provides hardware evaluation tools and migration libraries to speed porting of existing code. It’s object-based programming model, popular API support, and compatibility with a range of real-time networking drivers and libraries eliminate the developer learning curve.

Outstanding Scalability

INtime scales across x86 hardware platforms, and can even scale across multiple hosts without code changes. Its design maximizes portability, with no rebuilding or reconfiguring when transitioning to new hardware. Even legacy applications can be directly integrated through virtualization.

The Features You Need to Succeed Tomorrow, Today

INtime® offers unique capabilities that give developers a real advantage.

INtime® delivers hard real-time performance that can scale with your application. Our tools enable microsecond-precise determinism with minimal jitter—all while running on the same platform as general-purpose OSs.

INtime supports a wide mix of hardware, OSs, and embedded virtualization, giving developers the freedom to combine heterogeneous workloads on one platform. Even analog workloads can now be moved into the digital domain.

INtime is the leading TSN RTOS, with support for the IEEE* 1588 Precision Time Protocol and Intel* Time Coordinated Computing. INtime also supports EtherCAT*, Sercos III*, Profinet*, OPC-UA*, and other fieldbus protocols engineers expect from deterministic software.

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A scalable, deterministic OS for PC-based embedded solutions.

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Robotic Arm

INtime 7

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INtime SDK

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