Workload Consolidation

TenAsys® brings efficiency, agility, and superior performance to multi-function applications.

Do more with less. Consolidate multiple workloads on a single hardware platform to lower costs, reduce footprint, and streamline application upgrades.

TenAsys® makes this possible in deterministic OT environments. Our INtime® operating system and embedded virtualization technology use robust partitioning and hard real-time performance to support critical and non-critical workloads side-by-side on the same multicore hardware.

Enabling Deterministic Applications on One System

TenAsys® brings workload consolidation to sectors like industrial automation, defense, and medical imaging.

INtime® runs on multicore x86 platforms and was designed with embedded virtualization in mind, giving developers a straightforward path to workload consolidation. The event-driven RTOS is compatible with popular hypervisors and can work alongside Linux*, Windows*, and other general-purpose OSs, expanding the possibilities in consolidated systems.

Now deterministic applications can readily access the benefits of workload consolidation:

Extraordinary Efficiency

Workload consolidation leading to fewer physical systems, a smaller overall footprint, and lower total power consumption. By consolidating multiple workloads using the embedded virtualization capabilities of INtime®, even previously analog systems can be brought into the digital domain.

Total Cost of Ownership

Minimizing components lowers the bill of materials, improves reliability, and simplifies network management. INtime facilitates workload consolidation out-of-the-box, eliminating non-recurring engineering expenses associated with open-source and custom environments.

Peak Performance

INtime enables higher levels of integration and reduced communications overhead in consolidated systems to outperform fragmented deployments. And its asymmetric processing architecture dedicates resources for precise timing and control.

Outstanding Scalability

From two cores to tens of cores, INtime scales gracefully across a wide range of x86 hardware targets, with a focus on portability that provides an upgrade path to next-generation capabilities.

A Smarter, More Effective Approach

INtime® does more than bring workloads together: it unlocks unique possibilities.

In contrast to operating systems like Linux* that cannot achieve true determinism, INtime® uses asymmetric multi-processing to deliver hard real-time performance in a workload consolidated environment.

INtime integrates with popular tools like Visual Studio and supports the C++ programming language. Compatibility with popular APIs, libraries, and ready-to-use partner solutions accelerates development.

INtime supports a wide mix of hardware, OSs, and hypervisors, giving developers the ability to scale with freedom. Built for portability, INtime does not require rebuilding or reconfiguring for different hardware platforms.

Case Studies and Solution Examples

Discover how our partners and customers are leveraging the power of INtime.

Packaging Line Inspection System Gets a Performance Boost

Optel* needed a solution that could handle both high-speed I/O and a Windows*-based operator interface. INtime® delivered where others had failed, netting a positive ROI for Optel in less than six months.

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INtime® Software Lets Biesse Group* Combine Real-Time Processing with Microsoft* Windows* Applications

Machinery manufacturer Biesse* needed high-performance determinism, not only for multi-axis motion controls, but also for real-time fieldbus networking. INtime® delivered new levels of precision and flexibility.

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Workload Consolidation

Real-Time Systems and TenAsys® Maximize Hardware Platform Resources.

The Real-Time Systems RTS Hypervisor and INtime® RTOS use cutting-edge embedded virtualization to support deterministic and non-critical workloads on the same processor—without sacrificing performance.

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Tools and Components to Streamline Consolidation

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