Deterministic Control

TenAsys® delivers microsecond-level precision without specialized hardware.

In deterministic applications, there is no room for error. Critical deadlines must be met on time, every time.Unlike other solutions that require specialized hardware and software, TenAsys® extracts microsecond determinism from off-the-shelf industrial PCs thanks to the hard real-time performance of the INtime® operating system. Motion control, time-sensitive networking, and other critical workloads are already experiencing the INtime difference.

Modern Determinism

TenAsys® enables high-precision reliability on industrial PCs, opening new possibilities for deterministic applications.

INtime® delivers real-time reliability that scales. Our platform is compatible with deterministic hypervisors and can work alongside Linux*, Windows*, and other general-purpose OSs, giving developers unprecedented flexibility in deterministic applications.

Now these workloads can readily access the benefits of a modern, full-featured RTOS:

True Determinism

INtime® is a fully pre-emptive, event-driven OS with determinism measured in microseconds. Built on an asymmetric multi-processing architecture, each instance of INtime has a dedicated core, memory, I/O, and interrupts.

Seamless Integration

INtime can run on the same platform as OSs like Linux* and Windows* while maintaining hard real-time performance. This is where deterministic operation meets workload consolidation.


INtime integrates with popular tools, includes rich services for real-time networking and low-latency I/O, supports popular APIs and libraries, and is compatible with ready-to-use partner solutions for deterministic workloads.

Outstanding Scalability

From two cores to tens of cores, INtime scales from cost-effective to high-performance x86 hardware platforms to deliver needed determinism regardless of system requirements.

Determinism Made Accessible

With broad support for industry standards, INtime® enables faster, more flexible development.

In contrast to operating systems like Linux*, which cannot achieve true determinism, INtime® delivers hard real-time performance—all while using standard industrial PC platforms that can scale with your application.
TenAsys® and its partners offer a rich set of solutions and services for motion control, real-time networking, and other deterministic applications, enabling sophisticated multi-function system designs.

INtime supports a wide mix of hardware, OSs, and hypervisors, giving developers the ability to combine deterministic and non-critical workloads. Even analog workloads can now be moved into the digital domain.

Case Studies and Solution Examples

Discover how our partners and customers are leveraging the power of INtime®.


INtime® for Windows* Enables PCs in Advanced Deterministic Motion Control

With INtime®, Aerotech*’s deterministic motion control platform can be deployed on nearly any industrial PC. Now its system integrator partners can address a wide range of high-precision applications.

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Workers at CNC

ISAC* Bases New Software CNC on INtime® RTOS

INtime® software brings machine control and human-directed functions together on the same computing platform

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CNC Operator

Axel* and TenAsys® demonstrate deterministic control.

The TenAsys INtime® RTOS combines with AXEL*‘s extremely light, modular, and developer-friendly LogicLab runtime to bring rigid determinism to 8- to 64-bit automation controllers. 

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