Important Update to the TenAsys License Portal

 The updated TenAsys License Portal will impact all customers who activate INtime runtime systems. These changes may affect you depending upon which activation model is used. Refer to the following diagram to determine the impact on your operations.

 Changes required:

  1. Need New Credentials – TenAsys will issue credentials to the designated ‘Customer Operations Manager’. Contact your TenAsys sales representative to establish the Customer Operations Manager contact in the TenAsys CRM. New credentials are issued when a Customer Operations Manager has been designated.
  2. Need Updated ‘licman.exe’ – existing INtime runtime applications based on the affected INtime 6.X or 5.X must have an updated licman.exe in order to interact with the updated TenAsys License Portal. Affected licman.exe versions are not supported by the updated TenAsys License Portal and must be updated for any built-in activation methods. Obtain and install a updated  ‘licman.exe’ for available from the downloads section of You must be a registered customer with active support to access these website pages. No other changes are required for any existing INtime 6.X or 5.X applications. ALTERNATIVELY, licenses acquired through the TenAsys License Portal at will not require licman.exe to be updated.

No Changes Needed – SUAC/Entitlement activation using the TenAsys License Portal will not require any changes. Existing SUAC/Entitlements issued by TenAsys are usable on the updated TenAsys License Portal. The portal web pages formatting has been updated, though the process for activation remains the same. NOTE that web services are available for automating activation using either SUAC/Entitlements or new customer account credentials.
Download this guide showing the GUI changes for SUAC activations.

TenAsys staff have worked to minimize the overall impact of changes as we improve our licenses services provided with the updated TenAsys License Portal. Many customers will not be affected, other than the formatting of the web activation portal at It has always been an option of how customers use our license activation services. For this reason, each customer must assess the impact of changes on their own production operations.

*TenAsys is committed to assist our customers in understanding and making needed adjustments in order to make these changes with minimal impact and full confidence of on-going operations support. Make sure you are kept up to date with all the information and resources needed to support your needs by registering your Customer Operations Manager with TenAsys Corporation.