ISAC uses INtime for Windows in their Costantino Software

ISAC creates PLC, Motion Controller & CNC for industrial applications.  Since 1994, their flexibility and high innovation make them a valuable partner.  ISAC´s CNC software COSTANTINO is based on INtime for Windows.

Costantino is a CNCsoft that can run on any multicore PC, either industrial or not.  All its critical operations run on [Intime for Windows] real-time OS that has exclusive access to some PC resources, a core of the CPU, a part of RAM and an Ethernet port.

“INtime was selected because of superior memory management that allows a process to reserve the memory amount it needs, superior support of Ethernet, and very comprehensive debugging tools including a thread analyzer and strong support by TenAsys,” said Andrea De Nardis, Head of Engineering.

Costantino communicates through EtherCAT with I/O servo.  Through a device called BRIDGE, it is possible to use other fieldbus as CANopen, Mechatrolink and connections with servo trough analog and pulse/direction interfaces.  Costantino comes with a PLC environment that is programmable in IEC61131-3.  In fact, it is possible to develop PLC logic with one of the five language included in the standard: ST, IL, LD, FBD, SC or C.

Contact Info:


Mr. Paolo De Nardis – Chairman and CEO

Via Maestri del lavoro, 30
56021 Cascina – Pisa – ITALY

Phone:  +39 050 711131