Partnering with Real Time Systems to deliver the most versatile PC-based software platform for workload consolidation with strict deterministic needs.

Real-Time Systems are the experts in virtualization technology you can trust for consolidating deterministic real-time operating systems (RTOS) with other, less critical applications on a single hardware platform.  Their bare metal hypervisor provides a privileged mode that allows operating systems to run in real-time, thereby avoiding any overhead from virtualization.  Native real-time capability stays at 100%.

The innovative RTS Hypervisor permits multiple operating systems – both real-time (RTOS) as well as general-purpose operating systems (GPOS) – to run concurrently on multicore x86 processors.  By utilizing this powerful and cost-effective software solution, designers attain increased flexibility in system design and remarkable enhancements to functionality and performance – at the same time, reducing overall system costs.

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