RSI* and TenAsys® lay foundation for converged motion control infrastructure.


Realize development transparency with converged infrastructure. The Robotic Systems Integration* (RSI) EtherCAT* motion controller—RMP—runs on PCs and utilizes flexible APIs to streamline control application development. TenAsys® INtime® for Windows* manages low-latency EtherCAT communications between RMP and endpoints to make this enterprise-centric approach to control systems development possible.

Empowering enterprise developers in motion control endpoints is critical to realizing converged infrastructure. This can be achieved by using IT-enabled ingredients in your OT infrastructure, as demonstrated by the role of INtime for Windows in RSI’s RMP EtherCAT motion controller.

  • RSI* RMP EtherCAT* Motion Controller: The RSI RMP EtherCAT motion controller is a PC-based solution that supports application development in languages like C, C#, Python, G-Code, and .NET through the RapidCode API. This means developers to program the motion controller from across the network, while native support for the EtherCAT protocol enables the endpoint compatibility and deterministic communications required by a field-level controller.

  • Microsoft* Windows*: The RMP EtherCAT motion controller leverages Microsoft® Windows to host RapidCode API libraries, user applications, the operator interface, and commissioning and diagnostic utilities on the host industrial PC, as well as its extensive portfolio of development tools

  • TenAsys® INtime® for Windows: INtime RTOS provides tight scheduling of the RMP Motion Firmware that controls up to 64 simultaneous motion axes. It also manages the real-time EtherCAT communications with endpoints at latencies of just 250 µs, all ensured by explicit hardware partitioning that reserves processor resources for the instance.

Embedded virtualization features and deterministic Ethernet networking support enables INtime in converged infrastructure deployments where developers can manage, modify, and move applications from across the network. Of course, these capabilities also make INtime for Windows ideally suited for control applications at the edge.

Add in enterprise-centric programming languages and an API-based approach to control system development, and RSI’s RMP EtherCAT motion controller based on INtime® for Windows represents IT/OT Convergence needed to capitalize on a unified edge and cloud.

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