TSEP*, TenAsys®, and the LXI Consortium synchronize test & measurement standards.

Connected Cables

Where time synchronization is critical, TSN technologies offer determinism and precision across networks. To achieve this performance, the LXI Consortium based its new interface reference design on the Technical Software Engineering Plazotta* (TSEP) 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) stack and TenAsys® INtime® RTOS.

  • LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation (LXI)
    An open standard based on Ethernet, LXI provides special extensions for time characterization and synchronization that permit network-based triggering and messaging on local and distributed test systems.

  • TSEP* IEEE* 1588 PTP stack
    TSEP’s PTP stack delivers +/- 20 nanosecond timing precision across fieldbus and real-time Ethernet networks. An end-to-end solution, the TSEP* PTP can even synchronize LANs with devices that do not support the IEEE 1588 standard.

  • TenAsys® INtime® RTOS
    The TSEP 1588 PTP stack resides in an explicit partition created by the INtime RTOS, which provides direct, dedicated access to the LXI Reference Design’s Ethernet interface to ensure deterministic network performance.

While the LXI technology is portable to many platforms, the consortium chose TenAsys and TSEP for its reference design due to the extraordinary reliability, performance, and flexibility of the techonologies. By supporting deployment on off-the-shelf PC hardware out-of-the-box, TenAsys and TSEP help users lower test system costs, simplify system integration, and ensure broad availability.

The test & measurement market joins industrial automation, robotics, and other markets where TSN is poised to disrupt the status quo in network connectivity. By making it easier to deploy, technology stacks like the LXI reference design based on TenAsys and TSEP solutions will help OEMs, ODMs, and system integrators push TSN to critical mass more quickly.

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