Real-Time Systems* and TenAsys® maximize hardware platform resources.

Workload Consolidation

You can cut costs, reduce power, and lower maintenance by consolidating multiple systems onto one platform, but each workload must have the resources it needs to run optimally. Workload consolidation building blocks include the TenAsys® INtime® RTOS and RTS* Hypervisor, which explicitly partitions the CPUs and memory of multicore x86 processors to support multiple operating systems on a single device—and ensures each application performs as intended, every time.

  • Real-Time Systems* RTS Hypervisor
    The bare metal RTS Hypervisor offers a privileged mode so OSs can run on top of it in real-time to avoid virtualization overhead. Out-of-the-box, the trusted RTOS and host GPOS can run concurrently on consolidated platforms without performance degradation to reduce costs, enable new use cases, and maintain the strict determinism of software like the INtime RTOS.


  • TenAsys® INtime® RTOS
    The INtime RTOS slots into partitions created by the RTS Hypervisor to deliver 100% native real-time capability, free from the influence of other OSs on the same system. Developers can blend the proven determinism alongside other disparate workloads to realize cost, size, power, and other resource efficiencies.


A combination of the RTS Hypervisor and INtime RTOS gives developers the flexibility to construct advanced multi-function, multi-OS systems using a modular approach. Blending general-purpose applications with the real-time determinism of an INtime RTOS partition also enables new converged edge use cases that set technology companies apart from the competition.

The components of this reference example integrate seamlessly with Intel* processor-based hardware from vendors like congatec, GPOS like Microsoft* Windows*, and other popular tools and frameworks to accelerate time to value.

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